Сборник — Золото Дискотек. Лучшие хиты 80x (mp3)

90,00 грн.


01. FANCY- Flames Of Love.
02. JOY- Touch By Touch.
03. GINA T.- Tokyo By Night.
04. LIAN ROSS- You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul.
05. OTTAWAN- Crazy Music.
06. CHERRY LAINE- Mammy Blue.
07. PASSENGERS- Casino’.
08. GINA T.- In My Fantasy.
09. SILICON DREAM- Andromeda.
10. CHRIS NORMAN- Midnight Lady.
11. ROXANNE- Charlene.
12. SILENT CIRCLE- What A Shame.
13. MAURO- Buona Sera — Ciao Ciao.
14. THE HURRICANES- Only One Night.
15. JULIAN- Straight To My Heart.
16. CHERRY LAINE- Catch The Cat.
17. CHYP-NOTIC- Nothing Compares 2 U _The Ultimate Dance Vers.
18. FANCY- Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again).
19. CHILLY- Love On The Rebound.
20. LIAN ROSS- Don’t You Go Away.
21. LINDA JO RIZZO- You’re My First, You’re My Last.
22. CHYP-NOTIC- If I Can’t Have U.
23. OTTAWAN- You’re O.K..
24. JOY- Valerie.
25. FANCY- Slice Me Nice.
26. THE FLIRTS- Helpless.
27. CHARLIE G.- Love Plays Tricks.
28. MIKE MAREEN- Lady Ecstasy.
29. SUPERMAX- Number One In My Heart.
30. BOYTRONIC- Late Night Satellite.
31. CHYP-NOTIC- Denise.
32. CHILLY- Goo Goo Eyes.
33. GRANT MILLER- Sail Away.
34. GINA T.- Sayonara.
35. FANCY- Way Of Love.
36. BACCARA- Fun.
37. LINDA JO RIZZO- Heartflash (Tonight).
38. CHARLIE G.- Love Plays Tricks.
39. K.B. CAPS- Do You Really Need Me.
40. JOY- I’m In Love.
41. LIAN ROSS- Say You’ll Never.
42. SILICON DREAM- Don’t Break My Heart.
43. MOZZART- Money maxi version.
44. LINDA JO RIZZO- Perfect Love.
45. MIKE MAREEN- Days I Remember.
46. FANCY- A Voice In The Dark.
47. JOY- Hello.
48. SILENT CIRCLE- I Am Your Believer.
49. SILICON DREAM- Corleone Speaking.
50. GRANT MILLER- Red For Love.
51. ROXANNE- Give A Little Love.
52. LIAN ROSS- Say Say Say.
53. FANCY- Fools Cry.
54. K.B.CAPS- Julia.
55. THE FLIRTS- Temptation.
56. MIKE MAREEN- Agent Of Liberty.
57. MOZZART- Jasmin China Girl maxi version.
58. FANCY- Running Man.
59. RINGO- Shoot Your Shot.
60. CHYP-NOTIC- I’m Still The Same.
61. FANCY- Lady Of Ice.
62. BACCARA- Cara Mia New Version.


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