Iron Maiden – Death On The Road (Live) (2 LP)

2538,00 грн.


Тип носителя записи: виниловая пластинка

Штрих код: 94633643710

Артикул: 3364371

Количество: 2


A1 Wildest Dreams 4:51

A2 Wrathchild 2:59

A3 Can I Play With Madness 3:31

A4 The Trooper 4:11

A5 Dance Of Death 9:34

B1 Rainmaker 4:11

B2 Brave New World 6:09

B3 Paschendale 10:17

B4 Lord Of The Flies 5:04

C1 No More Lies 8:06

C2 Hallowed By Thy Name 7:40

C3 Fear Of The Dark 7:38

D1 Iron Maiden 5:09

D2 Journey Man 7:02

D3 The Number Of The Beast 4:57

D4 Run To The Hills 4:23


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