Iron Maiden – Live After Death (Limited Vinyl, Picture) (2 LP)


Тип носителя записи: виниловая пластинка

Штрих код: 5099997295211

Артикул: 9729521

Количество: 2


A1 Churchill’s Speech

A2 Aces High

A3 2 Minutes To Midnight

A4 The Troopers

A5 Revelations

A6 Flight Of Icarus

B1 Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

B2 Powerslave

B3 The Number Of The Beast

C1 Hallowed Be Thy Name

C2 Iron Maiden

C3 Run To The Hills

C4 Running Free

D1 Wrathchild

D2 22 Acacia Avenue

D3 Children Of The Damned

D4 Die With Your Boots On

D5 Phantom Of The Opera


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