Lionel Hampton – The Jumpin’ Jive (The All-Star Groups:1937-39)

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A1 Jivin’ The Vibres 2:20

A2 Stomp 3:07

A3 Rhythm, Rhythm (I Got Rhythm) 2:49

A4 China Stomp (Chinatown, My Chinatown) 2:46

A5 I Know That You Know 2:56

A6 Drum Stomp (Crazy Rhythm) 3:07

A7 I Surrender, Dear 3:21

A8 After You’ve Gone 3:01

A9 You’re My Ideal 3:14

B1 Rock Hill Special 2:44

B2 High Society 3:13

B3 Sweethearts On Parade 2:57

B4 Shufflin’ At The Hollywood, Take 1 3:06

B5 Wizzin’ The Wizz 2:23

B6 Memories Of You 3:12

B7 The Jumpin’ Jive 3:13

B8 When Lights Are Low, Take 2 2:13

B9 Haven’t Named It Yet 2:56


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