Marillion – Brave (Limited) (2 Lp)


Тип носителя записи: виниловая пластинка

Штрих код:  5099991504319

Количество: 2

A1 Bridge 2:55

A2 Living With The Big Lie 6:46

A3 Runaway 4:49

A4 Goodbye To All That 0:49

Goodbye To All That (Continued) 11:51

B1 (i)Wave

B1 (ii)Mad

B1 (iii)The Opium Den

B1 (iv)The Slide

B1 (v)Standing In The Swing

B2 Hard As Love 6:41

B3 The Hollow Man 4:08

Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury 8:13

C1 (i)Now Wash Your Hands

C2 Paper Lies 5:47

C3 Brave 7:56

The Great Escape 6:30

DA1 (i)The Last Of You

DA1 (ii)Falling From The Moon

DA2 Made Again 5:02

DB1 The Great Escape (Spiral Remake) 4:38

DB2 Unlisted Water Noises 6:54


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