Mark Knopfler – Privateering (2 LP)

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Тип носителя записи: виниловая пластинка

Штрих код: 602537087785

Количество: 2


A1 Redbud Tree

A2 Haul Away

A3 Don’t Forget Your Hat

A4 Privateering

A5 Miss You Blues

B1 Corned Beef City

B2 Go, Love

B3 Hot Or What

B4 Yon Two Crows

B5 Seattle

C1 Kingdom Of Gold

C2 Got To Have Something

C3 Radio City Serenade

C4 I Used To Could

C5 Gator Blood

D1 Bluebird

D2 Dream Of The Drowned Submariner

D3 Blood And Water

D4 Today Is Okay

D5 After The Beanstalk


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