Queen – Forever (2014)

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Сборник хитов знаменитой группы!

Включает 3 супер эксклюзива (песни ранее НЕ издавались):
– There Must Be More To Life Than This (дуэтная композиция Queen & Michael Jackson)
– Let Me In Your Heart Again
– Love Kills – the ballad

1. Let Me In Your Heart Again
2. Mercury&Jackson.jpgLove Kills – The Ballad
3. There Must Be More To Life Than This (William Orbit Mix)- duet Queen/Michael Jackson
4. It’s A Hard Life
5. You’re My Best Friend
6. Love Of My Life
7. Drowse
8. Long Away
9. Lily Of The Valley
10.Don’t Try So Hard
12.These Are The Days Of Our Lives
13.Las Palabras De Amor
14.Who Wants To Live Forever
15.A Winter’s Tale
16.Play The Game
17.Save Me
18.Somebody To Love
19.Too Much Love Will Kill You
20.Crazy Little Thing Called Love




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