Steve Hillage – Fish Rising (LP)

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Inglid / Involution

Solar Musick Suite

A1a Sun Song (I Love It’s Holy Mystery)

A1b Canterbury Sunrise

A1c Hiram Afterglid Meets The Dervish

A1d Sun Song (Reprise)


A2 Fish

A3 Meditation Of The Snake

Outglid / Evolution

The Salmon Song

B1a Salmon Pool

B1b Solomon’s Atlantis Salmon

B1c Swimming With The Salmon

B1d King Of The Fishes



B2a Sun Moon Surfing

B2b The Great Wave And The Boat Of Hermes

B2c The Silver Ladder

B2d Astral Meadows

B2e The Lafta Yoga Song

B2f Glidding

B2g The Golden Vibe / Outglid


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