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Lenny Live (78 min):

1. Bank Robber Man

2. Rock and Roll is Dead

3. American Woman

4. Stillness of Heart

5. If I Could Fall In Love

6. Pay to Play

7. Again

8. Dig In

9. Are You Gonna My Way

10. Yesterday Is Gone

11. Believe

12. 7th Sky

13. Let Love Rule

14. Fly Away

Special Features (51 min):

Live Tracks

01. Bank Robber Man

02. Rock & Roll is dead

03. Yesterday Is Gone

04. Are you gonna go my way

05. Let love rule

06. Fly away

07. Can’t get you off my mind (Acoustic)


Lenny and the director Mark Seliger talk

Interview with grandfather

Out Takes

Lenny’s biggest fans




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